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technical writer

Need a technical writer?

A technical writer develops state-of-the-art content and documentation...

  • that is better than your competitors' information.

  • that is available in different formats and technologies.

  • that looks fantastic.

technical writer | content writing | document writing

You want your products and services to be used​

by your...

  • customers

  • colleagues

  • suppliers

and as a result have ...

  • fewer complaints

  • fewer unnecessary meetings

  • fewer mistakes

  • fewer delays

  • more fun at work

  • happy customers.

You want certainty

and also...

  • more focus

  • compliance

  • safety

  • knowledge retention

and as a result have ...

  • time for your core tasks

  • peace of mind

  • a safer workplace, with fewer work accidents, incidents and errors

  • respected standards, legislation, machinery directive, SLA, audits, quality standards

  • continuity.

Tasks of a technical writer

Technical writing is much more than just technical content writing and writing manuals. A technical writer's or technical author's tasks are diverse and more than 'just' technical writing. These usually are on the list:

  • researching products, services, processes and organization
  • meeting with customers, end users, developers and other stakeholders
  • developing and managing content (writing, illustrating, translating...)
  • organizing reviews and approval
  • publishing content
  • project management
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