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Learning starts with attractive e-learning and documentation

You work as a training manager, HR officer, line manager, team lead, COO, executive, or compliance officer. Attractive and accessible information helps your employees learn efficiently and retain more information in class or on an accessible e-learning platform.

Do you often catch yourself saying...

  • "Can we turn that into an e-learning, but also a PDF?"

  • "Is that possible in SCORM?"

  • "Kelly is leaving. And all her experience with her! Quick! Document everything Robbert!

  • "Everything is in PowerPoint slides, which are of no use outside of the training!"

We can help!

Often the same content is written several times, as a course, as an instruction, as a method... Course material is also technical communication! We can help organize your deliverables.


Here are some examples:

  • e-learning, courses, training guides, syllabi, visual instructions

  • organization of an e-learning platform, LMS, LCMS advice, digital library, training material

  • instructions, manuals, quick start videos, animations

E-learning, courses, technical documents
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