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Information that helps!

Information is too important to handle carelessly. To do their job, your colleagues and customers need structured, intelligent information about your products, services, processes, team, technology, business… every day.  

In today’s knowledge society, you should take into account various needs: 


Is the information ... ?

  • available

  • usable

  • up to date

  • correct

  • attractive

Content manager, writer and illustrator

Is the information ... ?

  • publishable

  • maintainable

  • customizable

  • translatable

  • reusable

How do you approach that? 

For it to become intelligent, information has to go through a number of steps. These high-level steps show up in every project: 

  1. Create and select the right information (via briefings, interviews, documents, training…). 

  2. Improve the information’s quality so it becomes understandable and useful. 

  3. Organize the information, so it is easy to maintain and independent of channel. 

  4. Get the right information to the right person in the easiest way. 

Is it easy to achieve?

No. There is a whole arsenal of methods, standards and software that can help you handle information intelligently. We help you selecting and implementing them. 


You can divide them into these two groups. Flow has services for both. 

Focus on personalized information for each user, automated layout and publishing, and efficient management of content in different variations, versions and languages...

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Focus on better collaboration by sharing knowledge within your team, with other teams and also outside your organization. Flexible management of information within projects, communities, teams, and portals...

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