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User-friendly information increases safety at work

You work as a prevention advisor, safety coordinator, environmental coordinator, HR officer, or compliance officer. Correct and user-friendly technical information helps everyone to work safely and efficiently.

Do you often catch yourself saying...

  • "There are too many work accidents with that product..."

  • "That work instruction isn't up to date!"

  • "They'll never find that in the field."

  • "We don't have time to document that!"

  • "Write it ourselves? No, thank you!"

  • "Can that be consulted on a tablet or a smartphone?"

Then we can help you!

We help you communicate crucial safety information so you can focus on your job, with peace of mind.


Here are some examples:

  • instructions, processes, procedures, methods, flowcharts, BPM

  • articles, newsletters

  • content and management of intranet, knowledge base, digital workplace, document & content management system, wiki

  • e-learning, courses, training guides, syllabi

User-friendly documents for safety at work
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