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Communicating with customers:
Well-informed customers are happy customers

You work as a product manager, customer support officer, help desk manager... Customers remain happy customers because they know and have learned to use your product or service well.

Do you often catch yourself saying...

  • "We started too late!"

  • "Our competitor's information looks so much better!"

  • "Write it ourselves? When?"

  • "That manual doesn't look professional!"

  • "If only we had a portal for our customers!"

Then we can help you!

We inform your customers about your product, your technology and your business through technical communication, technological writing and other services.


Here are some examples of deliverables:

  • manuals, online help, quick start videos, animations

  • content for human/machine interface, customer portals, content management systems, CCMS

  • work instructions, documentation, illustration, use cases, API doc

  • quotes, white papers, web content, product descriptions, content for websites, standard documents, structured documents

Customer communication
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