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Knowledge is your most important resource

You work as an HR manager, knowledge manager, information manager, or as an intranet, communication or documentation manager.

Do you often catch yourself saying...

  • "Nobody reads our documents!"

  • "Kelly is leaving... And she's taking all of her important knowlegde with her."

  • "If only we had a wiki or a well-structured SharePoint!"

  • "That's way too complicated!"

  • "We're drowning in documents!"

  • "Where can I find that again?"

  • "There are 23 different versions of that document!"

Then we can help you!

We help you capture and manage important knowledge about your organization, about your technology and about how you collaborate as a team.


Here are some examples:

  • processes, procedures, articles, HR info, templates

  • intranet, knowledge base, digital workplace, document & content management system, wiki

  • e-learning, courses, training guides, syllabi, visual instructions

  • content for an e-learning platform, LMS, LCMS advice, digital library, training materials

  • information architecture for team site or digital workplace

Knowledge management resources
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