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About Flow, specialist in technical communication

Flow = 'hands & brains'. We have all the knowledge and skills in-house to tackle any content issue. Together, we work on a solution for your technical documentation and technical communication.  

Flow is a member of Agoria, BEMAS, De TaalsectorDITA, Vonk and VVZC.

Why Flow is 'different'

As a company and organization Flow occupies a unique place, in the world of technical communication:

How we work 

  • We have a clear vision

  • We work as a team, with the necessary capacity and therefore continuity 

    • >25 permanent employees 

    • Supported by colleagues and coaches 

    • Supported by our internal social network and FLOWiki, our knowledge base 

  • We integrate ourselves in your team and existing processes

  • We audit and improve your processes so you can achieve your goals more efficiently. 

  • We can start from scratch, for example by interviewing your experts. 

Wat we find important 


    • We want to be the best and most innovative in our profession. Therefore, we are constantly experimenting with new methods and technologies.  

    • We show great commitment to each other, our client, and our projects. 

    • We respect each other and are authentic. 

  • FOCUS 

    • Technical documentation is our core business. 

    • Meanwhile, we have years of knowledge and experience in most sectors. 


    • Technical 

    • Linguistic 

    • Graphic 

    • ICT 


    • We are 100% autonomous. 

    • We are independent of specific software and tools. 

    • We are independent of complementary services, such as translations. 

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