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No efficient digital workplace without information management

You work as a quality manager, line manager, team leader, COO, digicoach or other knowledge worker. With clearly communicated objectives and methods, everyone is on the same page.

Do you often catch yourself saying...

  • "We don't have templates for that!"

  • "There are 23 different versions of that document!"

  • "We don't have time to document that!"

  • "Where can I find that again?"

  • "We're drowning in documents!"

Then we can help you!

Preserving knowledge, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel? Organizing your digital workplave and information processes efficiently? We can help.


Here are some examples:

  • procedures, good practices, SOPs, BPM flows

  • templates, document model

  • information architecture of intranet, knowledge base, digital workplace, document & content management system, wiki, team site, quality management system

  • processes, flowchart, method, charter

  • work instruction, illustration, manual

  • use case, API doc

Content collaboration and an efficient digital workplace
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