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Technical communication: services

At Flow we love instructions, manuals, processes and all content that really helps people do their job: User-friendly, accessible and tailor-made. We write, organize, structure and illustrate the content of our customers. This allows them to concentrate on their core business. Our services can be categorized in three groups. A project may combine one or more of these services. 



- Personalized information for every user ​

- Optimized documentation processes

- Automated layout and publication 

- Efficient management of content in different variations, versions, and languages 

Examples: content audit, selecting the right software (editor, CCMS, layout), setting up governance guidelines, converting to and optimally implementing DITA (XML), template design for automated layout, information architecture, custom DITA framework. 

- Smarter collaboration by sharing knowledge within your team, with other teams and outside your organization. 

- Flexibly process and manage information within projects, communities, teams, … 

Examples: information architecture (including for easier use of SharePoint), content audit, document models and templates, setting up governance guidelines, guidance in selecting the right software, content coordination. 
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We have several standard trainings, and we also create tailored workshops for your specific needs, the size of your team, software used… 

Some examples: 


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