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A new Flower in the bunch: Virginie

About me

I’m a biotech graduate so I feel at home in all things science. Still, I’ve always felt like I wanted to do something out-of-the-box and I think writing with a background in science fulfils that need. It is similar to using different materials and techniques in mixed media art, which is an artform that really speaks to me.

Unlike many fellow students I thought writing was more fun to do than practical work in a lab. If I add that in parent-teacher meetings my parents were always told that “Virginie likes explaining things”, you quickly understand why technical writing is a good fit for me.

To write a manual for a process or appliance, you first need to gather knowledge about the subject in question. It seems like a profession with a high level of job satisfaction for anyone with a curious mind, so I can’t wait to get started!

The quick-fire question round

Flow: Software of hardware documentation?

Virginie: “I would say software, but I’m a big fan of variation.”


Flow: Internal documentation or end user documentation?

Virginie: “Internal documentation strikes me as the most fascinating option and matches my interests most. I always welcome a challenge, so I won’t say no to a project that is more focused on end user documentation.”


Flow: Agile or waterfall development?

Virginie: “Intuitively, I’d choose Waterfall development which seems to suit my personality most. However, from a rational point of view, Agile seems the better and more efficient choice. Maybe I can resolve this conflict between heart and head in a follow-up interview after I’ve had some experience trying both.”


Flow: Time travel to the past or to the future? 

Virginie: “I have more trouble picturing the future, so that is more exciting. Still, part of me would love to experience what it’s like to be a rich Roman.”



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