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A new Flower in the bunch: Anne-Lynn

Armed with a postgraduate degree and a good dose of enthusiasm, Anne-Lynn Hollevoet recently stepped into her new role as technical writer at Flow. Today we will talk to her.

About her postgraduate degree in Computer-Assisted Language Mediation (CALM)

“The postgraduate CALM offered exactly what I was looking for: extra knowledge and expertise before I made the leap into the labor market,” says Anne-Lynn. “The training bridges the gap between language and communication-oriented training and the labor market, which is experiencing enormous technological progress.”

Between theory and practice

Anne-Lynn describes her education: “In the Technical Writing course I learned the foundations of structured writing and DITA. As a technical writer, knowledge of XML coding is certainly a plus, and of course we were also taught the translation process.” She emphasizes the added value of her internship at Daikin: “During my internship I was able to apply, expand and deepen the knowledge and skills acquired. I learned to write documentation in a CCMS, collaborate with subject matter experts and fully integrate into the business world.”

Preference for technical writing

“I hide my curiosity and critical eye from the outside world,” Anne-Lynn admits, “but as a technical writer I can fully utilize these qualities.” Anne-Lynn describes the job with infectious enthusiasm: “As a technical writer you can research a subject down to the bone and then pour that new knowledge into a text. After review you get a clear end product with which you help people move forward. What more could one wish for?”

The quick introductory round

Flow: Software or hardware documentation?

Anne-Lynn: “As a user, both. As a writer, software documentation. Then you see what you can do with the product.”

Flow: Internal or end-user documentation?

Anne-Lynn: “Both for reading and writing. As long as the documentation helps people, I am satisfied.”

Flow: Agile or waterfall development?

Anne-Lynn: “I adapt to the customer and hopefully there are as few problems as possible along the way.”

Flow: Time travel to the past or to the future?

Anne-Lynn: “Time travel to the future. I would like to see the technological and medical developments of the future. I am also curious about what language changes Dutch will undergo.”

A glimpse of the future

As the conversation comes to an end, Anne-Lynn shares this: "I look forward to the future with a lot of curiosity. Due to recent AI developments, the future of technical writing seems very close."

Are you also eager to join us? Send us your application and who knows, you might be the subject of our next blog post!


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