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Workshop Word templates and document models

Templates help you design your word documents in an easy way. For example, there are styles for words, paragraphs, lists, tables. Word also provides content controls that exchange meta-information with systems like SharePoint. You can also create your own toolbars for frequently recurring information.


Document models go a step further and also give you a content structure: What do I start with in a project plan or work instruction? What should I definitely not forget? How do I deal with safety information and where do I put the process flow?

In this workshop you will be taught both templates and document models, in a practical, hands-on way.


1 to 2 days (customizable depending on your needs)


  • styles

    • words/characters

    • paragraphs

    • lists

    • tables

    • illustrations

  • meta-information

    • content controls

    • document properties

    • short intro into integration with SharePoint

  • template vs document model

  • create your own toolbars

Documentmodellen, sjablonen - document models, templates
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