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Unstructured FrameMaker
for beginners / advanced users

Learn to work with Unstructured FrameMaker. It fits in perfectly with our established methods for structured writing, which we introduce you to during the FrameMaker for beginners course, including designing templates.


2 days each

Subjects (beginners)

  • editing text

  • using a template

  • checking spelling

  • using variables

  • using cross-references

  • inserting illustrations in a FrameMaker document

  • inserting images in a FrameMaker document

  • using tables

  • creating a FrameMaker book

  • creating a table of contents

  • creating an index

Subjects (advanced users)

  • performing global changes

  • importing formats from another template

  • using numbered lists (paragraph autonumbering)

  • creating new table formats

  • creating, modifying and applying Master Pages

  • using Reference Pages

  • creating variables

  • working with text insets

  • using conditional text

  • using hypertext markers

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