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Templates and automatic layout

Document models

What if you don't know how to start that project plan, or an efficient work instruction or process description? And what if everyone writes those differently, making this very confusing? Use document models for greater standardization. They provide a basic structure, so when you write, you focus on the content and not on the form or structure.

Templates in Word

Document models give you the basic structure and templates apply them practically, in a specific software. The most classic example: Microsoft Word. We automate the layout (styles for paragraphs, tables, lists), integrate content controls and meta information with SharePoint for maximum efficiency and apply your corporate identity. Through macros and custom toolbars, you can reuse standard text or drawings optimally.

Templates for 100% automatic layout

We design the necessary templates to publish your DITA -structured content in different output formats, such as PDF, EPUB, HTML5 and responsive web help.

content engineering
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