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Why we no longer use quills for documentation

Written by Bavo Van Eyken

As technical writers, we are not solitary monks who write texts in candlelit cells. Quite the opposite: We thrive at the core of an organization’s activity where we capture knowledge and make it accessible.

So when you are given a forum to share insights with an entire organization, you can unravel the mysteries of documentation with pride. That is exactly what Jana Ostyn did at Digipolis, where she, Anne-Loes Barends and Bavo Van Eyken have been working to create user, admin, and developer documentation.

During the presentation for her Antwerp colleagues, Jana explained the advantages of publishing with the DITA XML-standard, such as single sourcing and multi-channel publishing.

Flabbergasted? Find more information here, as well as advice about information that helps.


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