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AI@Flow: The story of Elliot

Mr. Turing

Our story starts in the early 1950s with a man called Alan Turing. Turing created a method to test whether a machine can mimic human behaviour so accurately as to be indistinguishable. Turing’s test was a challenge to many computer scientists, leading to insomnia, broken marriages, and madness, as their sole goal to perfect AI turned out to be a nearly impossible task.

Raise the alarm, AI is taking over!

Fast forward to November last year, when the Turing test became a trending search term, thanks to the computer scientists’ groundbreaking work finally paying off:

ChatGPT was introduced and we're all collectively scratching our heads as we wonder if this thing will take over our jobs. However, before we succumb to panic, let’s read the comforting words of economist Richard Baldwin: “AI won’t take your job […], it’s somebody using AI that will take your job.” At Flow we tend to listen to clever economists and decided to integrate AI in our services. The pilot project: a custom chatbot for our own website.

Joe, integrate! Integrate the AI!

How does the average Joe get in touch with the groundbreaking work of all these mad scientists? Through a magic portal which allows you to communicate with the software behind chatGPT, better known as “an API”. Unsurprisingly, the website selling this API, openAI, is the fastest growing website in the world.

Ready, set, chat

For our own chatbot, we scoured the internet. In today’s supply of chatbot options, we found lots of openAI-powered tools which allow you to craft a custom chatbot and seamlessly integrate it into your website. As we embarked on our quest to uncover the optimal implementation, we examined each contender against a set of requirements:

  • Generates answers quickly,

  • Allows easy access to the answer source,

  • Guarantees that content is treated securely,

  • Can handle different input formats,

  • Is easily integrated on websites and webhelps,

  • Uses a recent version of GPT,

  • Has a competitive price.

This evaluation resulted in the creation of Elliot, the Flow chatbot:

We gladly announce: Elliot is ready for all your questions!

The project doesn’t end with Elliot

Are you looking for your own Scott, Charlotte, or Lancelot integrated in your webhelp? Of course! However, you might wonder which advantages we offer as a technical communication company. No worries. Behold, a list showcasing our added value:

  1. Quality in is quality out. A chatbot requires structured input instead of random information bits and pieces. As we’re specialized in structuring information, we can guarantee our chatbots produce quality output.

  2. Not every tool is a great tool. Because we’re up to date with new trends, we can always recommend the best custom chatbot at hand. This might change occasionally, as prices and customization options evolve constantly.

  3. We know how to convert input. Because chatbots are not entirely trustworthy, we prefer chatbots that support answers with sources. Therefore, we must provide input in HTML format. Sometimes a conversion is required.

Are you convinced we can help you with this? Great! Let’s chat about your bot.


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