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Do your customers find your answers ATTRACTIVE? With a survey you can help them better (3/3)

As with all information that comes with your product, both verbatim and online, you also demand from your technical documentation that it is top-notch. Whether you develop them for customer satisfaction, security or marketing – listening to the users is essential in any case. Keep in mind that these users do not work for Purchasing, IT, Project or Line Management: they are the ones who actually use your product and therefore also your documentation in the performance of their job.

You most likely have data at your disposal that provides insight into the behavior of those users. To supplement this with more qualitative insights, you can use a survey. Such a survey speaks directly to the end user of your product and hopefully also to your documentation. The questions are designed to learn more about the end users and their work environment, and hear directly from the source where improvements are needed.

Do you work with attractive documentation?

In our previous posts we examined the find – and usability of your documentation. This last group of survey questions contains more subjective questions. Do you work with attractive documentation? Is it user-friendly and/or salable? In short: 'do you like working with it?'

User friendly

  • How do you navigate through a document?

  • Is it easy to navigate through the document?

  • How do you find the answer to a specific question?

  • Do you find the answer easy?

  • Would you say that the most used documents do not contain enough/sufficient/too much information?

  • What do you think would make a document more user-friendly?


  • Would you call our documentation portal (or equivalent) attractive?

  • Do you recommend the documents to colleagues?

  • Would you say the documentation exudes the same reputation as our company?


  • Do you recommend the documents to colleagues who are learning about our product?

  • Do you think documentation is an important part of the product?

  • How do you rate our documentation compared to the documentation of other products?

  • Are you willing to pay for information services (e.g. chatbot or video) or learning opportunities?

This questionnaire in Excel

Do you want the complete questionnaire in Excel, with scoring method? Please contact Flow.


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