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Flow brings Miramo expertise to the table at ConVEx Europe

Written by Chun-Ting Man

After two successive years of virtual conferences in 2020 and 2021, DITA Europe is finally back in person under its new name: ConVEx Europe! ConVEx Europe is a yearly conference that focuses on DITA and technical writing, bringing together the titans of the industry where they present thought-provoking lectures, make important connections and exchange ideas with each other.

This year, the conference was held on 14 and 15 November in the lovely city of Rotterdam. We at Flow, a technical communication agency based in Ghent, had the opportunity to give a one-hour presentation on some of our latest projects. For the occasion, we deployed the company’s two DITA experts, Pieterjan Vandenweghe & Yves Barbion.

In front of various industry heavyweights and representatives from Miramo themselves, our two technical gurus presented various use cases where they made use of Miramo software to solve complex PDF customisation problems. They showcased how Miramo can publish DITA content in different languages and writing directions through just one template, automatically generate a single PDF with multiple page formats, and solve all sorts of other tricky PDF customisation problems without having to resort to complex xslt coding.

In short, they showed how Miramo can make the lives of technical writers easier. Judging from the many questions from an excited audience afterwards, it is safe to say that Flow has managed to pique their interest!


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